Meet Year 6!

Meet Year 6!
May 2010 - Looking good!

Year 6JW

Year 6JW
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Class 6LBa!

Class 6LBa!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ellie says

hiyaa:) everyone

just wanted to say that i hope everyone is doing great in there new HIGH SCHOOLS

right now im home with friends listening to the rain but i gess sometimes it would be

sunny for just one day so i could play out.

hope everyone got what they wanted for xmas, hope it was a great cupple off days just

getting all excited for that one special day off the year off the year that we have all been watting

for. i also wanted to say i miss u all :):P and hope u all have a great new year and try and make it

one off the best

lots off love

eleanor amitrano xx:):P8) woohoo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A message from Rachel

Hi Everyone!

Its me Rachel, back in Ireland but sometimes I wish I was still in Dubai...

I really miss all my friends and I really miss Kings! Its lashing rain here as I speak but I wish it was nice and sunny like Dubai!

I've started back at my old school across the road from my house, and everything seems so new to me, like Irish (which I really hate!!) but I still use my Kings Dubai school bag for school! I have millions of entrance exams coming up at Christmas and we're studying like mad for them!! I'm just after recovering from a head injury after I fell of my bike up the road 2 weeks ago. I am fianally allowed to take part in P.E again after 2 weeks of sitting on the side watching everyone have fun because after my fall I was'nt allowed to run for two weeks.

Well, I wish everyone the best at their new schools!!!!

Rachel :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A new year. A new blog.

Hi all,

It is september, it is the start of new school year...that menas it must be time for a new blog.
I will be running the class blog for year6 with Miss Bates, at Kings' .  

This is the web address of our new year group blog.

Please check out the new blog as we start to use it over the next few weeks.

best wishes
Mr Watson


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back in Dubai

Hi all. I just wanted to say hello!

I'm back in the UAE after a lovely break,  a holiday in Spain and a decent stay in the UK, catching up with friends and family. It is good to be back though.

I hope you have had a fabulous summer and are fit, well and full of enthusiasm for the exciting weeks ahead. It's gonna be strange for Miss Bates and I not to have your lovely folks with us!

GOOD LUCK for the start of your new term wherever you may be!

Take care!
best wishes,

Mr Watson


Hi all!

Just a quick note to all of you who are waiting to hear from Kings' about your SATS results.
There has been a hold up in us receiving your scores form the compnay who were marking your papers. I hope to have them in the next week or so and i am working hard to get them to you as soon as possible.

Mr Watson

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer time!

Hello All!
Just a quick message from me...
Just want to say I hope you are all having great summer holidays.
I'm enjoying a lovely time in the UK with family and friends after having a relaxing break in Spain.
I hope you are having similarly great time wherever you may be.
Love and best wishes to all,
Mr Watson

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well that is it.... the end of 6JW & 6LBa  2009-2010!

A superb year - packed full of hard work and lots of fun. Well done for making this a brilliant blog bu using it so much, making lots of posts and contributions. !
Ourblog will still be in use so you can access it to show your friends and family, or even post or comment.

Please use email address for any posts you want to make.  I will check my mails when I can.

Have a great Holdiay everyone. Stay safe!

Mr Watson


Mr Jones says

I hope this letter finds you all well. I know that since I left Kings' there have been some new arrivals to the class. So I will say to those guys - I'm sorry I did not get to meet you but you joined a great bunch and got your timing just right! To those I did meet, and had the lucky fortune to teach, I have these words:

As a teacher you teach so many children. At times, the job to difficult - there is a considerable amount of marking, a great deal of planning and the energy you expel can just wear you out! However, with each class there are so many rewards and memories created that if you are lucky enough - all those challenges are soon forgotten. At the end of a school day you can be extremely frustrated with the children or even yourself! However, after some time of reflection, if you are lucky enough, the achievements of the children you teach can blow away those frustrations.

I was lucky enough to teach you. Mr Watson and I taught some of you when you were only five years old He has taught you recently and I managed to teach you again in Year 4. I can only look back at my time teaching this year group with fond memories - talented artists, actors, writers, readers, sportsman, historians and the list goes on - well it will if I let Jamal have his say ;-). Only joking. I hope that Kings' has given wonderful memories to add your childhood. I am certain you have the skills that allow you to move onto the challenges your high schools will greet you with. I have every confidence you all will succeed in life. All the best Year 6! All the best!

Mr Jones

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Year 6,

Well this has been an emotional week..... for us all!

I have been very lucky to have been part of outstanding Kings'  for 6 years - and spent 3 of my happy years with this year group. I feel so close to you and feel very lucky to have been your teacher.

It’s not all just about people who have been here for a long time – each and every one of you in this year group is truly special.  Whether you are an old familiar face  from year 1 or a brilliant addition  somewhere along the amazing journey, you are ALL STARS!

Miss Bates has been  a terrific addition to the Kings’ team and we have had a great year together with you.

 I love the way Miss Bates , Mrs Kenny and I have worked as a team with you  folks. I have really enjoyed year6. Miss Bates cares as much about you  as I do!

We have pushed you hard,  encouraged and supported you and set you plenty of challenges. You have met us on each occasion – never disappointing us. We have had a terrific time. What a year!

So you amazing young people are set to leave us. You  move on as capable academics, confident social communicators, mature and positive workers and as infectious characters. You  leave with many happy memories and with so much to offer your new schools. We will miss each and every one of you and wish you all the best on for their next chapter of your lives.

Good luck Year 6. Please keep in touch. Lots of Love from us all at Kings’

Lots of love Mr Watson

Don't Forget Us - A poem that says it all - the masterpiece by Hazel and Kristi

Don’t Forget Us

Here is a poem we’ve written for you,

We hope you enjoy it, every word of it’s true,

It’s about the people in JW and LBa,

We are reading it to you on our very last day.

Miss Bates is unbelievably fun,

Mr Watson likes telling awful puns.

Mrs Kenny is our wonderful TA,

Mrs Putt teaches us every Monday.

Hannah is a fantastic friend,

Rose will be a monkey until the end.

Oisin will be found kicking a ball,

A great singing voice belongs to Paul.

Matthew played Oliver Twist,

In a performance that was not to be missed.

The Artful Dodger was played by Chris Greaves,

He was in charge of the stealthy thieves.

Zac can rock out on the cymbals and drums,

Adam B is speedy when working out sums.

Olivia is sensible, calm and down to earth,

Corynn can be found tightening a girth.

Alizaky’s like a dictionary, he’s so smart,

Ashleigh is great at drawing and art.

Francesca Boni loves to swim,

Charlotte always breaks a limb!

Ellie is hyper and bonkers they say,

Eloise smiles throughout the day.

Tomas runs like lightening in a race,

Sami always has a happy face.

Josh D is fab and brilliant at cricket,

He bowls the ball towards the wicket.

Adam O can swing the cricket bat,

Whereas Rachel loves to stroke fluffy cats.

Emily is really friendly and funny,

Claire has a personality that is sunny.

Alec plays music on his saxophone,

Angela gets on with work and never moans.

On Victorian day Dan got the cane,

Lauren likes driving Mr. Watson insane!

Caring Molly has a golden heart,

Richard is always neat and smart.

Jamal acted in the Macbeth Show,

To see him perform we did go,

Kian is a fish in the swimming pool,

Rory’s so kind hearted - he shines like a jewel.

Natasha can rally over the net,

She’s amazing at tennis, on that you can bet!

Serena is good-natured, affectionate and fair,

If you need help, then Lucy is there.

Becky shines in her work at school,

James M can rap, now that is cool!

Luke made a fab penguin photo- story,

Dylan celebrates in rugby glory.

Felix is a whiz with computers for sure,

James D can do flips over the floor.

Josh P is respectful and helpful too,

Now just two more people to share with you.

Kristi is awesome, a friend to everyone,

Working with her has been so much fun!

Hazel is funny, talented and sweet,

Working with her has been such a treat!

It’s the end of the poem; it’s the end of the year,

We have to leave Kings, but we’ve loved it here

So farewell and masalama to Kings’ Dubai

We really don’t want to say goodbye


Hazel Swift & Kristi Flanagan

Corynn says.....

I dont want to be saying goodbye to everyone.

I will miss you all very much.

I wish you all the best for your new school, I hope it all goes well for those that are moving to a different



Corynn :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Message from Adrian Hayes!

Hi Jon and hope your well?

I had a lovely email from  Adrain Hayes this morning. I thought I would share it with you
Mr Watsom

Dear year 6,

I have just launched a new website with a new FB "like" page which you might be interested in following – will be a lot of postings on sustainability & environment etc. with link onto FB on the site.

Best regards and have a great summer


Hazel reviews The Return to the Forbidden Planet

Production Review by Hazel S

On Tuesday 22nd the whole of Yr 6, Yr 5, and Yr 4 did two performances of our end of year production ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet.’ The first one was early in the morning, and the hall was about three quarters full. The first scene was the role call. Oisin started the play by shouting out to “All Crew.” First everyone declared themselves present, then the preflight checks were commenced, the Polarity Reversal drill demonstrated, and the Science Officer was introduced.

The captain of the ship, Captain Tempest and the Science Officer had a huge fight and sang This is a Mans World, all because the Science Officer was a woman. To take the heat out of the situation, the Damage Control tried to help, but ended up getting in a muddle with the Fire and Evacuation Officers. Then the ship flew into an asteroid storm predicted by the Weather Officer, and at the same time the Science Officer escaped on a shuttlecraft. After the storm, the ship got caught in a tractor beam from a strange planet D’ylliria, on which lived Prospero, the evil scientist, his daughter Miranda and his robot Ariel.

Prospero explained why he needed their help and came aboard with Ariel. The translators translate Ariel’s speech until he tells them to go away. Because the captain planned a huge feast for Prospero, the Fitness Officers instructed a workout for all crew and passengers. Then on came Miranda, and Cookie, the ships cook, instantly fell in love with her. He sang Good Vibrations. The doctor on the ship was worried as he thought that vibrations on the ship could be harmful, and so his nurses showed him why they weren’t.

Then Miranda gave Cookie a kiss on the cheek, and he was overjoyed, and sang I Ain’t Gonna Wash for a Week. Ariel discovers that the Science Officer is returning to the ship, and tells Bosun, the Commander of the Bridge. Ariel then explains to Captain and Bosun about the secret drug that Dr. Prospero created. Prospero overhears and gets angry, singing I’m Gonna Change the World. Miranda then asks her father why he is angry, as she is in love with Captain Tempest. Prospero grows mad with rage and slaps Miranda, who cries. She sings Teenager in Love. She asks Captain if he loves her and he says she is too young, and sings Young Girl. Cookie comes on feeling sad as he has just found out that Miranda is in love with Captain Tempest, not him. He then sings She’s Not There.

 Miranda, Cookie and Prospero all feel very confused and sing All Shook Up. Suddenly the Science Officer is found on the Radar being chased by a monster. Then Ariel and the Science Officer arrive in the airlock, and the crew sing Gloria. It turns out the Science officer is Gloria, Prospero’s evil wife! Ariel fights the monster until the spies come and wrestle with it, then Ariel zaps it with a laser. Gloria is sent to jail and Ariel sings Who’s Sorry Now. A damage report arrives, the Klystron Generator is overloaded.

Meanwhile, Cookie makes a deal with Gloria to win Miranda and obtain the Xfactor blueprints. The spies overhear them and begin to search for the blueprints. The ship then reaches condition Alpha, and the only way to repair it is by Reverse Polarity! The ship is fixed and Gloria sings Tell Her. Then Miranda tries to attract the Captain by slapping on makeup. In fact it scares him! Ariel thinks that she should try and make him jealous, so she pretends to like Ariel and sings Robot Man. Then Cookie arrives with the stolen blueprints and there is a huge fight, which ends up with Ariel eating the blueprints. Another monster is created from the mind of Ariel. Prospero has to fight it to destroy it, and Gloria sings Go Now, before he leaves. After he has gone they discover that Prospero also created D’ylliria! The planet self destructs, and the ship takes off into space. Then everyone sings the finale of Hey Mr. Spaceman, Monster Mash and Great Balls of Fire. Then there are bows and it’s the end of the production!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

James D's memories of Kings'

Kings Memories

All of Kings' members have been so kind to me and I will never forget this wonderful school.

I have been at Kings' for 5 years and I have not once yet regreted being here.

All the teachers and other members of staff never let me down,
because their always so caring. My favourite theme was Touching the Void, it was outstanding, just like Kings'. We all did some
brilliant detailed writing, and after that we drew and painted some sketches.

I will miss Kings' alot and especially all my friends

Josh P says....

I have really enjoyed doing March of the Penguins and Myst progect. I have also enjoyed Dibba when Mr Watson got pushed in the pool. I have really really really enjoyed year 6.

Josh D's refelction of Kings'

My time at Kings’ Dubai

I have only been in Kings’ for 1 year yet I have enjoyed it thoroughly and it has been an adventure for me. Every day I learn something new and it has been great fun. I will be sad that it has only been 1 year and I will miss a lot of my friends who are moving to different schools or countries. I am exited that for secondary school but I will miss the simplicity of primary. All in all it was a great experience

Richard's RTTFP review

Return to the forbidden planet


I think ‘Return to the forbidden planet’ was one of the best productions ever. It had a good storyline and everyone tried their best. The story line was hard to understand at first but in the end I got it. I liked my part a lot and I got lots of laughs. It was funny how everyone’s had something to do with their role. Some parts that were just a bit funny were made very funny because of the acting like Alec’s line and Alizaki’s. I think I did well with my part and I enjoyed singing the songs. One of my favourite parts was when we did the fitness drill but I can’t choose. My favourite song was teenager in love and ain’t gonna wash for a week. Hazel, Rory and James M put lots of effort in but so did everyone else. I hope at DC we will do something as good as that.

Richard 6 years of Kings'

My time at Kings’

I have been at Kings’ for six years and it has been a blast. Over the years I have grown to know the school, the staff and the children. I have enjoyed all the fun activities we did such as Dibba, Kalba and other various field trips. I also liked all the themes and topics we did like Ancient Greeks, planets and Vikings. When I move to DC I will miss the school and everything I did.

Olivia's Return To The Forbidden Planet Review

Return to the Forbidden Planet Review

It was really fun doing Return to the Forbidden planet, I had a great time and I imagine everyone else did too! I loved the singing and dancing and cool sound effects, like when you would walk through the Air Lock. I thought everyone did really well especially people like Hazel and Ellie, who had loads of lines to learn!

My favourite part of the show was when we did the finale and we sung ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Great Balls of Fire!’ I thought it was really fun and I loved the dance! It was really great and enjoyable and also a bit sad; our last show at Kings’!

Charlotte's memories

Kings’ Dubai Memory – Poem

Mr Watson, Mrs Watson, Mrs Kenny and Miss Bates.

Kings’ Dubai will always have high class rates,

Missing teaching and missing learning,

Our hearts will still be yearning,

Wacky adventures that we will never forget,

Chucking Mr Watson in the pool is the best part yet!

Missing teachers and friends,

Our friendships will never end,

Kings’ has so many memories that will stay.

Every night and every day…

Yes, yes this is so,

Oh well, we’ll have to go


Return to the Forbidden Planet Review

I thought that Return to the Forbidden planet was a very humorous and exciting production.

I really liked all the characters in the play they were very funny and entertaining.

I think that we all did very well in the production and I’m very proud of everyone for doing so well.

I think my favourite part of the show was when we did the finally with everyone sang and when we did the Monster Mash. The dance was my favourite part.

Hazel and Eloise did really well and I think they deserved the character they got. Hazel, Rory, Eloise, Chris and Ellie they all are very good actor’s and actresses.


Emily's memories


Kings’ Dubai has been really fun,

I will miss everyone,

We are one school,

All of us together,

And will be in our hearts forever.

All the teachers, all my friends,

I’ll remember them to the very end,

They’ve supported me in everything I do,

When I’ve been stuck, they’ve helped me through.


By Emily

Felix and James' M -What does Kings' stand for?

K ings’ Dubai to us is …

I ncredible

N ever-ending

G reat

S mashing

 D ubai to us is …

U nbelievable

B rilliant

A mazing

I nteractive

By Felix and James

Oisin's Kings' Experience

I have been at Kings’ since it opened, 6 years ago. It has become a big part of my life and I am very sad, but equally very excited to be leaving here.

Kings’ has helped me, a lot, as I have got older and the teachers have taught me very well.

Kings’ has provided me with so many experiences and memories stretching from making models of Safa park in Year 1, to going Dibba in Year 6.

I would like to thank all the staff and everyone related to Kings’ Dubai.

Oisin Morgan

Jamal - What Kings' Dubai means to me

Kings’ Dubai

The exhilarating rollercoaster of Kings’ Dubai filled my heart with passion. Experiencing the amazing twists and turns behind me made my enthusiasm expand! As the exciting journey ends I would always remember the enjoyment of the rollercoaster

By Jamal Ollier

Matthew's and Dylan's Kings' memories

As the water trickles down the river

It thinks about what’s coming next,

When it lands in the Ocean

Or in the Ocean bed.

When fish swim in a school

They may be separated,

But they will always remember each other,

No matter what happens.

When ants come out of their nest

They don’t go by themselves,

Because they need a friend

To help and care for them.

This is what Kings’ Dubai shows

Kindness, caring and teamwork,

And this is what everyone needs

To succeed.

Kings’ Dubai gives you that warm feeling

When you’re down,

Don’t frown

Because Kings’ Dubai is always there for you.

By Dylan and Matthew

Happy Molly!

A very happy six years!

It has been a very happy six years for me! My first ever project was a playground made out of straws and paper when I was in year one with Mr. Watson! I have so many great memories of Kings’! When I leave Kings’ I will be so sad but happy to move on, a bit of both….mixed emotions. I will miss and will always remember Kings’ forever.

Adam B remembers

My First day of Year 1 to my last days of year 6

My small 6 year old feet step onto the school grounds. I arrive on the second term ever in kings’ Dubai. Crowds of friends talk and gossip. Not me. I sit alone, cowardly and vulnerable. I miss home. Will I have a good teacher? I hope the people are nice. Please, I beg you, don’t put me on the spot.

Five and a half years later my small feet turn big and I no longer sit alone. I have the same teacher as I did in year 1! I know the class well and I have amazing friends in all year groups.

Goodbye Kings!

By Adam B

Keep believing.

Josh P's RTTFP review

My favourite song was I ant going to wash for a week.

I think I did a smashing job.

The best characters are: Hazel, Paul, Ellie and Chris.

The Best part was when we sang G.L.O.R.I.A.

The outlines of parts when Chris and Paul came through the air lock.

First we did the role call and we had declare our self’s present net, after we stood in attention for Capitan Tempest. The we did the countdown to lift off. We got bizzy at the back of the stage. Then we got caught in a tractor beam which was eliminating from a another star. Then we saw a man called Prospero. Then we did fitness training with the fitness people. After Prospero and Arial came out of the air lock. Then the translators came and translated his langue, after he told the translators to shoo off. Prospero’s dater came out of the air lock, Cooke then sang a song. Then year 6 went off the stag. We had a half time and we got a drink each. Then when we can back on for the second half we sang Gloria when Gloria and Arial came on. The commander yelled “we have condition Alfa. Caption Tempos had a god idea “reverse polarity”. Then we did “step one put your hands in the air”. Then Miranda sang a song and the year 4’s and 5’s did there bows. Then we sang a another song and at the end of the song year 6 did there bows

Rory and Tomas: What Kings' means!











We’ll miss you!!!
                                                                    Tomas & Rory

Ellie's Kings memories

Kings Dubai

I have been at Kings Dubai for 3 and a half years now, so it’s going to be hard for me to move on! I have had a great experience to be at this fantastic School. When I first came to Kings it felt like family, as soon as I walked though the doors. I will miss it so much especially the people I am closest to! I am really glad I came to this School I could not of picked a better one to go to. I will never forget Kings and all the adventures we’ve had.

Ellie A.

Olivia's memories of Kings'

End of Kings’ Dubai

I joined Kings’ in year 3,

Sadly not sooner!

The gates opened,

To a welcoming crowd of people.

I will never forget that moment,

The beginning of a great and unforgettable experience!

Kings’ has been a whirlwind of great experiences,

Learning, having fun and overall creating great memories!

By Olivia

Hannah's overall view on Kings'

Overall Kings'

I have been at kings' for 6 years now and it is hard to leave a place you know so well. All of the great times I had at Kings' like going to Dibba with all my frineds. When I got into my first class (year 1) Mr Watson walked up to me with a huge grin on his face, and then I new I was home.

Hazel - I remember

I Remember

I remember

When we went to Dibba

And we had a new adventure

We scrambled up rocks

And kayaked through the sea

I remember

When we did the performance

Of ‘A little Twist of Oliver’

We were amazing actors

And we all were stars

I will remember

The great times at Kings

The fun and the challenges

My teachers, my friends

I will never forget Kings’

Jamal's Return tothe Forbidden Planet Review

Forbidden Planet Review

A shiver of apprehension trembled down my paralysed spine like ripples in water; my cerebral thoughts struggled to cope with the eerie and darkened atmosphere! The commanding music signified the start of the simultaneous marching of my year group! 3… 2… 1… Go! Excitement quickly emanated from the hall, cheering deafened my aching ears! Concentration intensified, enthusiasm maximized, this was it! I concealed my nervousness like a clown hides his face behind grease paint! Oisin yelled “All crew to the bridge, all crew to the bridge. Roll call! Roll call! Step to the mark to declare yourself present.”The blinding spotlights dazzled frying my eyes like eggs in a sizzling pan! As Oisin sped through some hilarious characters I was repeatedly revising my confusing yet entertaining lines! Oisin finally shouted “Hans Acrossthezee-Ships Intergalactic Relations Officer”. I bravely strode forward to deliver my complicated words with my usual charm and charisma! I had nothing to worry about. The delivery was perfect and the audience replied with smiles and laughter.

During the weeks of practising lines and creating props and panels to make the show realistic, year 6 had been working with great effort and enthusiasm! As I mastered my lines, I also worked on my expression. Reciting lines is one thing, how you express them is something else, especially when you have to make everyone laugh with a great German accent! I was a translator in the production so I acted like a foreigner!

During the show everyone had to set the scene of a spaceship in the background whilst other people were speaking. Mr Whitehead kindly hung up our panels so everyone press buttons, read fuel and temperature levels and scanned thumbs! If you act like you are in a spaceship the audience will believe that you are in a spaceship!

With so little notice, Josh, Daniel and I were asked by Mr Watson to sing ‘Young Girl’ with Zac; it was a surprising moment for us! I never expected to have a wonderful singing part! We listened to the song with Mr Watson and then began to sing it with him! During the production we all wore shades whilst we were singing to make us look cool. I sung my heart out with energy and passion! The sky was the limit!

Finale time! Hazel calmly began the song, enjoyment banished my worries! As the whole of KS2 started to sing, nervousness faded! I sung louder than ever before, my diaphragm pumping in and out! All my troubles had gone because of what I loved... singing! My mouth widened by the second, volume rose higher and higher! As we ended beautifully it was time for just one more... THE MONSTER MASH! When everybody sang the roof was blown off! My body was free, the actions were terrific! I was moving about so much it looked like I had ants in my pants! I never felt so alive! As the supporting cast took their bows, year 6 remained on stage ready to sing the song again, as we always do at the end of another successful King’s show much to the delight of our audience. Then it was time for our bows, when I realised all our hard work was worth it!

Richard Reviews Summer Show

Return to the forbidden planet


I think ‘Return to the forbidden planet’ was one of the best productions ever. It had a good storyline and everyone tried their best. The story line was hard to understand at first but in the end I got it. I liked my part a lot and I got lots of laughs. It was funny how everyone’s had something to do with their role. Some parts that were just a bit funny were made very funny because of the acting like Alec’s line and Alizaki’s. I think I did well with my part and I enjoyed singing the songs. One of my favourite parts was when we did the fitness drill but I can’t choose. My favourite song was teenager in love and ain’t gonna wash for a week. Hazel, Rory and James M put lots of effort in but so did everyone else. I hope at DC we will do something as good as that.

Matthew B's Return to The Forbidden Planet Review

Return to the Forbidden Planet

On the 22nd of June years 4,5and 6 performed their end of year production, this year being ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’. We performed the production twice to make sure nearly all the parents were able to watch the show. One performance was at 8.30am and the other at 6.30pm. In ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ the Albatross (a spaceship) get caught in a beam and pulled onto a planet that is not on their charts, and that’s where the adventure starts!!!

I think Rory and Hazel really stood out as people who had learnt their lines and just had an extremely good performance. I think my performance went alright, I thought I put expression into my lines and I really enjoyed acting on stage! My favourite songs were ‘Why must I be a teenager in love’ and ‘She’s not there’.

Matthew B


Return to the forbidden planet

On Tuesday 11th we performed ‘RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET’ to all of the eager parents and friends and it was awesome we all spoke, acted, and generally performed really well. At the end we did so well the applause nearly burst my eardrums. The gist of the story is that a spaceship sets off on a routine survey flight but they get caught in a tractor beam and brought into the planet d,ylliria they meet the evil scientist Prospero and they find out he was actually married to Prospero and Gloria had sent him into space. When the ship runs into an asteroid storm Gloria leaves the ship taking its last emergency craft.

When Prospero was in space he created a drug called the X factor- creation of mind to matter and when on the space ship he drunk some and created a monster. Gloria arrives back and Ariel the robot shoots the monster with his lasers. Meanwhile with Prospero had come his daughter Miranda and Cookie the cook immediately falls in love while Miranda takes a liking to Captain Tempest. When Gloria gets back she gets put in the brig but happens to make a deal with Cookie and steal the blueprints for the X factor. But as Cookie is taking the blueprints Ariel the robot sees him and Ariel grabs the blue prints and eats them. Captain Tempest then likes Miranda and Cookie gets angrier. When Ariel ate the blueprints he also created another monster and this time Prospero has to sacrifice himself to fight it but Prospero also created the planet and the planet self destructed just after the ship got out of the way.

By Josh Devereux


Review-Return to the Forbidden Planet

Return to the Forbidden Planet, Years 4, 5 and 6 show is all about Captain Tempest and his crew who fly into an asteroid storm, with more dilemmas happen along the way.

I think the wipe out bit is excellent, because we all know when to go forwards backwards, left and right and that’s what makes it look perfect. Also I think that the Gloria part is awesome where everyone is very scared and as she walks past we’re all in shock, as she looks us 1 by 1 straight in the eye.

The characters which were successfully portrayed were all of the main characters but I think that the ones who stood out more had to be Cookie-Rory Quick, Miranda-Hazel Swift, and Gloria- Eloise Bolt.

I think my role went quite well and I really enjoyed being Bob –T-Builder, having to fix things and test things. The main thing is that I enjoyed it!

James D

Charlotte on Return to the Forbidden planet

I really enjoyed our production, it was very successful. The rehearsals were tiring but we had to do them so that we could perform the best production. I espescially loved my part, as I was the air-head in the show! Able 'Anne' Ready was my part, she is a very dumb character and she is so disorganised she misses the good parts in the production!

In my opinion, the Nurse's and Dr. Pepper were amazing. My favourite song was sung by Miranda a.k.a Hazel which was 'Teenager In Love'. My other favourite song was sung by Prospero a.k.a Chris which was 'Im gonna rule the World'. The part in the show that I liked the most was when we were all on stage doing our little roles at the back twisting and turning knobs.

By Charlotte


The Return to The Forbidden Planet

Play all

Return to the forbidden planet has been loads of fun and an overall amazing experience. Everybody has put their all into it and had loads of fun with it. I think people like Alizaki and Alec deserve a special mention for really “stepping out of their comfort zone” and giving it their all, as well as everyone else.

Behind the scenes

Over the last half – term the return to the forbidden planet has been our main theme. Time has been spent rehearsing in our little groups, practicing the many songs, or working on and making the props and backdrop. It has been great fun practicing with the other classes as well as the other main characters, and has been interesting watching the whole play come together.

My favourite scene

My favorite scene was properly the fitness scene because the people acting( Rose and Kristi) suit their part so well. It was expecially funny in the actual show when Rose picked on her dad!


The Return To The Forbidden Planet

The Return to the forbinen planet is about a evil science officer who is called Gloria, who wants to take over the world and abtain the plans for the X-Factor.

Dr. Prosporo- the evil scientist who used to be on the other side, but now he is with the goddies.

Captain tempest- who is encharge of the ship named the Albatros, and a square jawed captain.

Sonya Map-Navigation Officer-A woman who knows where she is going, and all ways knows the way to help people out.

Bosin Arras- Deputy Commandar of the brige, and all way knows what is going to happen out side the ship.

Miranda, daughter of Propero- A lovely looking girl who is all ways cheerfull, happy and allways wheres lots of make-up.

Cookie de books- The ships cook, and all ways gets tierd of cooking food for everyone especially the crew.

Ariel- A robot who knows what is going to happen befor it even happens.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kings’ Dubai Memories by Francesca

Kings’ Dubai Memories

Since I started at Kings’ Dubai 2 years ago I have loved it. It’s going to be a very emotional time for me to leave. Kings’ Dubai is a very caring and welcoming place. It’s going to be very difficult to see some of my friends leave. I have made a very strong friendship group and I’m going to miss them to bit’s.

Francesca Boni 6JW

Kings’ Dubai Highlight Poem by Corynn

Kings’ Dubai Highlight Poem

Kings’ Dubai has been a fantastic school for me,
I will never forget my friends and all the staff,
I can remember everything that’s gone passed in my life,
It will be sad to separate from all my friends,
I don’t want to be saying goodbye,
I’ve known some people for 5 years,
A few people are leaving the country,
So I will miss them very much,
But now the time has come,
To move on to college,
Starting a new life over again!

 Corynn Foote 6JW

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kings' and Little Harrowden ICT Link Up

Today is a very exciting day. We welcome Year 6 from Little Harrowden.

The link for our ICT  sessions is:

Click on this to have access.

Mr Watson

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rory Moving On


I was very happy when I heared that I got into DC although

saying goodbye to some of my best friends will also be hard

and because I have been at kings for SO many years (4 now!)

I will probably find the first few weeks of DC different yet




Matthew's research link

Here is the link to the great website for the research on our countries:

After getting onto the website, just click on a team and then all you have to do is choose a heading from the top of the page.

This is a great website as I got nearly all my research from it!!!


Hannah's thoughts on moving on

It is very hard to move on and say good bye to your friends, but you will get new friends. I will miss everyone at Kings' Dubai when I move to Australia. I hope everyone like there new school they are moving to.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup - Matthews clip

Matthew found this great video clip for any of you world cup fans! Check it out:

Mr Watson

The World Cup - By Josh D

The World cup

This year in South Africa it is the 2010 football Fifa world cup. The world cup is when 32 of the best national teams compete for the world cup trophy and to be the best national team in the world. The national teams are split into groups of 4 and they all play each other. The top 2 from each group going through to the super 16 or the last 16 teams after qualifying for almost 3 years before the tournament to try and get in. I predict that it will be a Spain vs. Brazil final and Spain will win although I am hoping that Australia might go through but it is not looking good after the terrible defeat to Germany. After the super 16 they go through to the quarter finals and then the semis and so on... Brazil have won the most titles and Italy have won the last world cup that was held in Germany. South Africa have been building lots of stadiums Soccer city in Johannesburg being the largest by far with a capacity of 88,460. In South Africa supporters have been blowing Vuvuzelas in the world cup like crazy and slightly annoying the players after some complaints. I think that they are great when you are blowing them not when anyone else is. Also the ball that addidas payed 300m dollars for 7 years use people are saying it is a bit unpredictable and it could turn any way.

I think the world cup is great fun and everybody enjoys it a lot.

Next year - James D

I am really looking forward to JC next year,

but im also a bit nervous about making new friends, meeting the teachers and getting good grades in the subjects. I'm especially looking forward to the school football team and the P.E lessons.

At least I will see some of my friends from King's around JC, although I would prefer all my friends. I hope other people settle into their new schools too.

I'll miss all the teachers, the familiar faces and especially Year 6!

James D

Next year - Dylan

Well I was thrilled when I found out I had received a place in DC and Im really excited. I am going to be a bit nervous settling in because it will be a bit like starting yr 1 all over again. I will enjoy DC but I will miss the school alot I feel like I have made the nicest group of friends I've ever had here and I will miss some of them as they leave, especially tomas as he has and will be one of my best friends. I have got to know the school well even though it is my first year. I hope my friends also DC can stay. I am not sure how long I will be staying in Dubai for, perhaps untill I go to university. I feel like I have made the most of my time at primary school and its time to move on and I cant wait for all the exciting new things we learn.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Rachel's plan for next year

As some of you know, I am not going to attend high school in Dubai. I am unfortunately moving back to Ireland and I will be returning to my old school for year 7 and then I will be moving onto high school for year8 which is not far from my house. My mom, my brother,my sister and I are flying home on the night we get our holidays and my dad and cat are following us back the following morning. I will really miss all my friends in Dubai but it was an amazing experience, living in Dubai for a year.


Super Rachel!

If I had to choose a superpower, I would probably choose invisibility. It thought and thought about other superpowers but, I would definitely enjoy using invisibility!

I would click my fingers and turn invisible! I could go around the place and poke people and make them all creeped out! And if I heard anybody talking about me (in a nasty way) I could poke them again and maybe start talking to them! That will definitely scare them!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Francesca's news

On the weekend I did:

On Thursday I went to Emily's house for a sleepover it was so fun.

Then on Friday I went to see the Back up plan with Natasha, then I went to her

house and we went swimming.After we swam we had dinner and our parents went out

to a resturant downstairs so we decided to spy on them and then they cought us so we went

back up the their flat and watched a movie!

And thats the end of my weekend!!

Silly world cup game

King of the week Term 3, week 9, 6JW Richard

After a long wait....At last.... Richard is King of the week!
He is last member of the class to have their turn....some may say save the best til last!

We all said lots of lovely positive things about Richard.
We think Richard is:

Great sense of humour

Really funny

A best friend for a long time

Great friend to everyone


Fun to be around

Know when to be funny and when to work

Play with everyone

Fun to play with

Really enthusiastic

A fun guy

Always enthusiastic

Amazing personality

Bizarre, Weird and Random (in a good way!!!) and make people laugh

Always helpful

Are Hilarious



Quick witted

A good actor – very comical



Always Happy


Random burst of laughter

Cheer up others

make excellent contributions

bubbly personality


get on well with everyone

very imaginative


mature and positive work ethic


Super Rose to Save the World!

There are hundreds of super powers I could wish for such as; super strength, flying and super speed but if I had to have 1 heroic, spectacular super power in the whole world I would choose invisibility because: When an unfortunate person was in grave danger my danger senses would tingle and I would be able to fight the bad guys and I would always win because whenever they tryed to punch or kick I would be invisible making it extremely difficult to know were to hit and to know were I was! KAPOW! BOOM! Secondly, whenever you are starving for chocolate or anything, and your parents are in the kitchen blocking you from eating, secretly you could quietly creep into the kitchen and magically grasp the mouth watering food without anyone knowing! I also have an exclusive one for older sisters, because you could play funny pranks on them if they did anything bad to you. So if I had to have 1 super power it would definately be Invisibility!

SUPERB,of I go to save the world! TO THE RESCUE!

Alec's superpower!

If I had to choose just one superpower I think it would have to be super speed because I would be able to get places really fast and see everything on the way and if I wanted to go so fast I could run on water or that nobody could see me. Making it (in my view) as good as invisibility, teleportation and super swimming skills. Plus you could get out of some difficult situations and you would never get it playing games, another bonus is that if you were late you could run to where ever you need to go and also get out of the horrible heat in Dubai at the moment.I was going to choose flying as my could be power but I chose super speed because it's better exercise and I won't get fed up making up long winded explanbations of why I just flew down from the sky. Plus I think it would be harder to breathe high in the sky and bad visibility in the clouds.However a bad thing about super speed is that if I tripped over it would really really hurt !But then again not as much as if I fell from the sky.

A post by Eloise

I had a brilliant weekend last week and here's why:

On thursday after school Becky Lucy and I all went to see Shrek 4

(unfortunately Lauren couldn't come) with Lucy's dad and her sister.

Shrek was hilarious and sad in some scenes, (I cried, 3 times...) but

defiantly worth seeing! All the characters are different and I reckon

Puss is my favourite!!


I WENT TO iFLY!! It was amazing! First we had to wait about ten

minutes for our lesson, then our instructor came and he put on a

tutorial video on. After that we had to put on our gear: A baggy all

in one suit (mine was purple!!) helmet goggles and a beanie (if your

head was too small) and earplugs!! Then our group was called and

we had to sit on this long bench in this little room around the air

room! One by one everyone went into the air room where air was

blown up through a humongous air vent on the bottom of the floor, with

only a net stopping you from falling miles down the vent!! When I first

jumped in I was a bit nervous but felt so much better when I realised

where I was and what I was supposed to do! We got two goes and

each go was one minute, a rip of hey for 145 dirhams!! In my group

there was a little boy who seemed about 2 years old and he actually

loved it and dived into it!! After My lesson I was surprised to find Chris

about to have his lesson and after Chris, Emily!! If you havent been

I REALLY recommend going!!

Relax and learned my script!!

A post from Ashleigh

hi guys!!!

I have made a really FUNNY drawing of me in super hero form.

The bug in the corner is my sidekick BUZZ, I am called Rainbow Gal.

I got the name when Rachel and I came out from swimming - We tied our towels round our

necks and came up with SUPER nicknames for ourselves and came up with

RAINBOW GAL and PEACE PERSON! (the reason why i'm called rainbow gal is because

my towel has multi-coloured stripes on it, and Rachel's reason is... actually I don't

know why, her towel doesn't have the slightest whiff of peace :D )
I will make a comic including rainbow gal and her sidekick BUZZ!!!!

Well, I hope you guys like the drawing!!!!!! :)


A post from Claire

My Weekend
Over the weekend I just stayed in Dubai spending most of my time resting and enjoying the time I had, but I was still busy because I spent about half of my time cleaning it and rearranging it. I've been cleaning my room for nearly a week and it's really tiring but I some how enjoyed doing it because I was tired of having to walk, no make wade through things I barely bever touched. My room took me nearly hours a day but I found the result worth it. The day I was most active on was Monday, My mum and I went to Lamcy plaza to drop something for one of my mums friends which I found extremly dull (thankfully I was smart enough to bring a book.) but we left eventualy and went to Mall of the Emirates, Mum got some new clothes and I got a day out the house. The next day my dad took me to Festival Mall to get some shelves and boxes. First we just sat down in Costa and had something to drink then I went upstairs to look in Wizz and Geekay, then about 20 minutes later I met up with my dad and we went into IKEA. I usally don't like going to IKEA but I wanted to go there for some reason. We spent about half an hour there and we obtained a bulliten board and some boxes. We went home and I some how ended up watching American Idol with my mum! Not much of an active half term but I sure did have fun.
Claire :) :)

Hazel goes Karting!


On Friday, we went go karting with Emily, George, Celia and Matt Waterfield. We arrived at the Autodrome after lunch, and signed in. Then we went and got changed into our gokarting suits. Emily and I were too big for the ExtraSmall, and way to small for a Small size. In the end we wore a small size and looked like rappers! Then we put on our gloves and balaclavas and got some helmets, and we were ready to go! My dad and Matt went first, and then it was the kids go!!! My heart was beating as I got into the kart, and all too soon I was off! At first I went quite slowly but then I started to enjoy it and zoomed along the track. Every time I crossed the finish line I punched the air, which often made me crash into a wall(!). It was over too quickly, and I got out of the kart. Sweat trickled off my nose, I was boiling hot, but it was some of the best fun I've ever had. Go karting is AWESOME!!


Tomas's half-term report

During half term, I did some exciting things like go to Dylan's house for a sleepover which we stayed up late to watch comedy movies like Meet The Spartans and Sports Movie and of course, we ate POPCORN. In the morning, Dylan and I had pancakes which Dylan overflowed with chocolate syrup.

I also went to Adam's house and played the awesome game of football and the great, addicting game of Age of Empires. We also played deflections and basically all you need to do is scatter shoes around the place and then kick a tennis ball into the goal. :P.

Finally, the best part, my football team entered a 5 a side football tournament which we sadly didn't win but we came 3rd which was ok for our successful team. ;-0.

I had an action-packed half term with lots of fun things to do. I really enjoyed it!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dylan's Half term report

My half term was really good and relaxed apart from friday, saturday,sunday, monday and tuesday.

Friday: We have heard a lot about kidzania so we decided to go and by fluke we saw cameron graham from year 5. It was pretty unique because it was the only thing which i got money for working in different places. It was cool to go around but by midday it was packed because it was a popular attraction. Aswell as I saw some of my friends from my rgby team there aswell. since they go to different schools it was good to see them.

Saturday: This was my first ever skiing lesson, put it this way, im extremely bad. We strted with simple basics like how to put your skis on and how to move and then minutes later we were heading up for little slopes. I went down 10 times and was 10% successful because I crashed a lot. We're going skiing in the summer so I hope I improve before then.

Sunday: I went to Adam's house in the afternoon and we played age of the empires ( adams addicting game ) and red ball ( my addicting games ) and i completed level 17!! we also played a really fun game called deflection football with a bouncy ball where we dodge shoes. HE ALWAYS WINS :(

Monday and tuesday: In the afternoon Tomas came over for a sleepova and we stayed up and watched really funny movies! =P In the morning we had pancakes and I went crazy with chocolate syrup. We went in the pool and played football. It was great fun!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oisin's Weekend Review

My highlight of the weekend was, undoubtedly, the 5 a side football tournament I took part in.

We got through our group quite easily but were then drawn a tough semi final against the eventual champions. It was a very close game which, unfortunately, we lost 3-2.

However, in the awards ceremony I was presented with a new pair of goalie gloves and a water bottle for being the “most valuable” goalie. I was delighted to receive that award but unhappy not to win the tournament.

It was a day of mixed emotions although it was fun.


Super Dylan!

I could think of many super powers i could dream for but if i had to choose one I would pick the power to make any food i want. Sometimes I'm really hungry and I look in the fridge and there is vertually nothing but with this power I can just click my fingers and suddenly It is filled with heavenly food. Sometimes im sitting on the sofa and im watching tv and Im hungry. I could wish for chocolate and sweets and lollipops and gummybears and jelly snakes and jelly croissants and jelly beans etc and they would all appear. This may seem a little unique but for me this would be an amazing power to have. My next two would be telepathy and invisibility

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

King of the Week - Term 3 Week 8 - It's Rory!

Rory has waited patiently...and now we are pleased to announce he is 6JW's  new King of the Week.

We all said lots of lovely things about Rory in circle time. We all agree Rory is  star and a great member of the class.We think Rory is;

a Best friend
Really kind
Really funny
Extremely caring
Plays with everyone
Fun to be around
has a great attitude to everything
has a Great sense of humour
Always help everyone
Keep people company
Cheer people up
Always make people laugh
Nice to everyone
Push yourself to the limits
A good actor
Really supportive of everyone
Friendly member of the class
You always try your best
Awesome at everything you – you always do a great job
A great headboy
Good to talk to
Can take a joke
Good to talk to
Always consistent

What a great character! Well done Rory!

A message from Molly

I am really glad that SATS week is over!!!! Everybody tried very hard when we were doing revision! So well done!!!!! ;)
We have the show to look forward to!!!!

so.........come on guys lets give it all we got!!!!!

Molly =)


Monday, June 7, 2010


This week year 6 had a guest teacher Mrs Stebbing from Jumeirah College . Year 6 were put through a complicated series of dance moves using ribbons and involving rolls, turns and kicks.

This the first part of the dance which pupils will be adding to over the next few weeks hopefully ending up with a complete dance routine in the last week of term.

Super powers!


Roll up all potential super heroes! If you could choose any super power....and only one...which one would you choose???

Leave your choice as a comment to this post, with an explanation for why!

Mr Watson  - Super hero!
I would choose Teleportation.
I have thought long and hard about this, and got down to a top 3 quite easily. I would love to have the ability to fly or be invisible. But after a lot of thought I have opted for the ability to teleport. I think it would be amazing to just think of a place I wanted to be and simply just be there within a blink of an eye. No more traffic jams, long waits in airports or planes, no long journeys...just a click of the fingers and there I am. How amazing would that be. I could just pop to Antarctica to see the penguins, to USA to see the Rockies or Grand Canyon. Suddenly pop to Egypt or Rome for human features, or the Maldives or Tanzania for nature. I could even just pop home to the uk to see my family for a cup of tea! Anthing I wanted and most importantly ANYWHERE!
That is the superpower i would most want.
Mr Watson


FOOTBALL FANS - a great world cup site!

If you want to keep up to date with the world cup and know who is playing and when then, check out this site:

My weekend - by Adam B

On Thursday Daniel Smith came over to my house to have a sleepover. We went to Spinneys and bought some sweets! Daniel brought his laptop as well and we played an on line game together which was very fun.We stayed up pretty late that night! He went home the next day at 3 PM. On Saturday I had a 5 a side football tournament. We came 3rd. Out of a group of 4 the top 2 go through. We came 2nd which was lucky. The team got a win and 2 draws which gave us 5 points. We got knocked out of the semi - finals 3-2. Consequently we came 3rd.

I had a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

By Adam B.

James D's half-term report

My half term was started by just chilling around at awesome places, and I had a great time.

First we went to the posh SeaFire resteraunt to celebrate the end of sats week, we all had a nice big juicy stake. We sometimes went to the beach at the jebal ali hotel and sunbathed there for the day, and sometimes we stayed at home watching T.V, ofcourse I went to see one of my best friends Robbie who lives just across the road. We went to the cinema to see prince of persia and then we went again another day to see shrek 4!

One day I spent the evening with my mum and dad at my dads friends house from work. There was lots of kids there and even a waterslide in the backgarden!

I found my half term quite relaxing, it wasnt a crazy one this time!

James D.

Emily's update

On the weekend I went to Mirdiff City Center .


They have this thing called iFly. It's like skydiving except a huge fan holds you up. When I was there I saw Chris! It was so fun! My family and I all did it together.We bought pictures of us doing it and there's this really funny one of my brother looking really shocked. When we finished we got certificates.


It's like a giant obstacle course zip line! First we were sent down a proper zip line and then we had to do all these weird obstacle. My brother and I were really scared as it was REALLY high of the ground! Some of the obstacles were: a climbing wall in the air!, a spiders net, these things that were like hanging stepping stones, a rope bridge and loads more things.

by Emily

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rose Reviews her Half term holidays

Over my half term I did loads of things:

Thursday: After school on thursday kristi came over to my house and we decided we wanted to go to magic planet for a few hours so my mum dropped us of at the mall, while she went shopping kristi and I went on all the rides! After about half and hour we went onto the Jumpin star and thats when we saw Matthew Styles eating at johnny rockets so once we had got off the ride we were trying to find him but it was like he wasnt there because we couldnt find him anywhere!!! My mum then called me and asked if kristi and I were hungry so we went down to the food court and kristi had KFC and i had nyf (new york fries) when suddenly kristi spotted Miss Bates eating at a table so we purposely sat next to her and were staring at them just to be annoying! :D (=P Once we got home we went to the pool and I came up with a wacky idea that we would go into the bathrooms and slide everywhere, so we went into the bathrooms and made a mess with soap and then we slid all over the floor (it was fun)!!! :P

Friday: On Friday I met up with Kristi and Ellie and we went to the Dubai mall to do ice skating for 2 hours. Once we got our boots on kristi realized she needed a bigger size so we had to wait a little longer which was fine because ellie and I just carried on talking about stuff... After everyone had got there skates on we went down to the other half of the changing rooms were the hockey nets were, which was then i decided to go behind them. So i got in first and then kristi but as she was coming in I forgot to move my finger and her skate accidently went over my fingers causing lots of blood to come squirting out( i had to tell you that)!!!! I then asked the ice rink dude if I could have a plaster so he gave one to me. Ice skating had finished so ellie kristi and I went to new look and tryed on all of the really high high heels and nearly fell. Candylicious was next sweets!!!!!!!! yum yum. We all got sour spray which tasted really nice but then as soon as we got out the shop someone accidently knocked kristi and hers broke on the floor so the shop allowed her to exchange it for a different one. We then went up to Sega Republic and we took ellie on the Spin Gear Rolacoaster. Weeeee.... . That night Ellie and Kristi slept over at my house and we stayed up and watched the Hangover LOL (=P. # Saturday The next day Kristi had to go home really early so me and ellie went round to the pool and went to go see Shrek 4 at Ibn Batuta.

Saturday Afternoon: After they had all gone my Guiding Group went to the Madinat Theatre to watch The Bird Show which involved acrubats in the air, trampolines hula hoop and many more, it was AMAZING!

Thats some of the things I did over the Half Term.

Rose :P :o) :D (=P

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Charlotte and the cat!

'I have rescued a lovely kitten that was about to die in a trash can if it wasnt found. Luckily our gardener rescued him from his terrible fate.

He is now living healthily in a warm bed and with an Air conditioned room, eating biscuits and meat he is happy as larry.

Unfortunately, he is suffering from a Hernia which has produced a big lump on his belly. The tube that connects the mother and the child at birth, has not been detached properly and has gone back inside him. He will die from this.

He is a pedigree kitten, his breed is a Siamese with baby blue eyes, and to make him even MORE cuter he is 4 weeks old and can fit easily into your closed hands! We have decided to be his future parents and we will take good care of him!'

Charlotte :D

Felix's holiday news

During my half term my family and I went all the way up the coast of Abu Dabi and took a ferry over to an island called Sir Bani Yas island. We took a bus to the resort they had there,we then went and had a explore around the resort then we had dinner and went to bed.

For the next 1 and 1/2 day we did activites like Archery,Kyaking and safari, I enjoyed the Archery most because it was fun to beat everyone and whach my dad missing the target and then whaching his arrow fly off into the distance.

Then the rest of my half term I just chilled about in my house and thats pretty much it.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The return of the Mimator!

What a way to celebrate the end of SATS - the Funky Monkeys were once again 5!

Jemima was back in town and wanted to come and say Hi - it was great to see her! It's almost a year ago when Jemima left Kings' and 5JW to return to the UK. It was lovely to hear her news and see the eyebrows wiggle agaian! Still bonkers! Still brilliant!

Mr Watson

Strange songs!!!!

Here is a remix of ompapa made by me and James M, mostly James M .

Theirs a little kitty that smells like a fishy especially when they been in the ocean or sea.

If you got a caty put him on a maty and give him some food like a fishy.And tell him that he is lovely.

meow meow meow meow meow thats how it goes

meow meow meow meow meow everyone knows
this is how kitty says hello meow meow meeeeoww meow.

Theirs a little whale thats caught in a gail and he does not like it.

his blow hole get covered in annoying sea gulls.

tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet thats how it goes

tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet thats how it goes.

this is how the whale scares sea gulls tweeet twweet tweeet twwwwwwweeeeet


A massive WELL DONE to all of Year 6.
SATs are over.  HOORAY!

 You have worked incredibly hard in the build up to this week and performed with great enthusiasm and maturity. Both Miss Bates and I are very proud of you all. I'm not surprised but as always very, very impressed. Top work one and all! We can all relax and enjot the well-earned long weekend and end of term. Roll on the production!!!

Mr Watson

Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Check out some of these links to find out more about the show:

6JW King of the Week - Term 3 week 6

6JW have a new King of the Week  (week 6)....and it is.....

Jamal is a wonderful member of the class. We have all said lots of positive things about Jamal in class.We think he is:

A best friend (for a long time)

Really friendly

Good to talk to


Very Kind

Good hearted

Great sense of humour

Make people laugh

Never mean to anyone

Really friendly

Really funny

Infectious smile

Very sporty

Always kind

Very supportive

Calm when needed


Good friend to be around

Very thoughtful

Like ‘cheese’

Very enthusiastic

Really caring

Always helpful

Very Funny


A good actor

never a dull moment when you are around

give annoying and funny names


talk to everyone

know when to have fun and when to work

always encourage others

What a lovelyperson and billiant mmber fo the class!
Well done Jamal!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rory's great kayak journey!

KAYAKING By rory q

Last weekend,at 6 :15 ing the morning, me, my Dad and his friend Jon went kayaking all the

way around the jumierah palm (which is 14km!) We woke up at 5:30 on friday morning and drove

down to the palm were we met Jon my dads friend. His friend had a house on frond B and

he Kept his kayaks there. at 6 :15 we began!

The kayak took us 2 hours and 30 minuites including brakes and was extremly tireing .

Even my dad, who goes kayaking every day thought it was challenging. On the way around

we saw fish, crabs, Barakuda and even 2 rays !

the whole experience was amazing and I wish I could do it again altough afterwards I

was VERY tired!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

SATS Timetable

Kings’ Dubai Year 6 SATS Timetable

Term 3 Week 6

Sunday 23rd May 2010

• English :Writing task (short)

• Maths paper A (non-calculator)

Monday 24th May 2010

• English: Reading paper

• Maths paper B (calculator)

Tuesday 25th May 2010

• English: Writing task (longer)

• Maths Mental paper

Wednesday 26th May 2010

• Science paper A

• English: Spelling

Thursday 27th May 2010

• Science paper B


I am so very proud of you all - this past few weeks everyone has been working so incredibly hard to prepare for the SATs. Lots of personal bests, great acheievements and performances! Most importantly we are all prepared in terms of knowing what test conditions are like, the types and styles of questions you may get and best ways to  answer questions and  generally perform to your best.

Don't panic!
Don't worry!
Get plenty of rest and enjoy your weekend - come back next week raring on top form to go!

This is a chance to simply wow us (even more) and show us what you know!
Go for it! Just do what you do....your best every time!

Mr Watson ;-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Talented boy! What a drummer!

Check out this link. Zac is after my job - this boy is after them both!

Mr Watson

The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

Check out this amazing link - Iwas totally engrossed! How incredible!

Mr Watson

The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

Monday, May 17, 2010